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Fender Cyber Twin

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Brand: Fender
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The Cyber Twin was one of the first accurate and successful modelling amplifiers. Originally selling for over £1000 this amp is a bargain. 


Features of the Cyber Twin taken from the User Manual.

40 Character Display gives menu driven options, prompts for input and basic amp design information


1 Dynamic DATA WHEEL controls the major parameter in most operations to keep your input

simple and focused on the messages apprearing in the Display screens.


6 Modes: + PlayGuitar + Amp Preset Edit + FX Edit + Utility/MIDI + Tuner + Demo


8 Motorized Knobs automatically reposition themselves as each Preset is selected, and in response

to MIDI continuous controller data or input coming from the pedals or footswitches


205 Amplifier Design Presets:


+ 85 “FENDER CUSTOM SHOP– permanent – Custom Amp Designs setup with FX

+ 85 “PLAYERS LOUNGErewritable – Amps Designed by You

+ 35 “YOUR AMP COLLECTION– permanent – Classic Amp Designs as originally manufactured


  MIDI Implementation:1


+ 23 Continuous Controllers for auto-control by external MIDI equipment (sequencer/computer)

+ 1 Assignable Continuous Controller for remote control of a dynamic parameter

+ 4 System Exclusive functions for transferring Presets and updating Systems


16 Drive Circuitry selections: + 12 Tube types, + 4 Solid State types


2 Vacuum Tubes are used in the tube drive circuitry and in the analog circuitry, (12AX7WA’s)


4 Tone Stacks, each with + 2 location parameters (before/after the Drive Circuitry)


28 FX (effects) selections, each with + 4 or 5 adjustable parameters:

+ 10 Delay effects, + 11 Modulation effects, + 3 Special effects, + 4 Paired effects


11 Reverb types, each with + 4 adjustable parameters


4 Compression Level settings


3 Noise Gate Level settings with + 1 adjustable Depth parameter


4 Timbre types give instant tone boosts for accent or balance


4 Line/Speaker Phase, select standard or reverse polarity for each speaker independently.


8 Bypass Reverb/Effects combinations; toggle by footswitch, one combination programmable per preset or + toggle ‘rotor speeds’ when using the Vibratone effect.


4 Quick Access Keys assign favorite Amp Design Presets for convenient, one key access

4 Button Footswitch, offers remote access to the 4 Quick Access Keys


1 Expression Pedal Jack facilitates control of any Preset controllable parameter from an analog

expression pedal (optional)


130 Watts of Stereo Output Power, (65 watts per channel)


2 Celestion Speakers, G12T-100 (12”/8Ù)


1 Stereo Digital Line Output, RCA S/PDIF jack for connection to digital sound equipment


2 Stereo XLR Line Output, impedance balanced jacks, with + 2 position switch (mono/stereo)


3 Effects Loop jacks, mono out, mono or stereo in, with + 2 position switch (-10dBv/+4dBu)

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