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Steve Stevens Picks up Tone Bender!

16 Aug 2016

The popular online marketplace, Reverb, has very quickly grown within the last couple of years and now facilitates some of the biggest music retailers and most famous rock legends in the world. Recently, Steve Stevens, an active user of the site, bought a British Pedal Company OC81D Tone Bender through our Reverb shop. He then very kindly posted up his thoughts about the pedal on Facebook. Here's what he said - 

''I was very skeptical about claims that no other Tonebender sounds like an original design. I have many reproductions. Finally gave in and ordered one from the UK. Lo and behold, this pedal is stunning, and truly does not sound like modern versions. Something about what happens to the note after struck is where the beauty is. If you are looking for late 60's early sixties brit rock your pennies and get the real thing. Simplicity at it's most glorious.''

Well, we appreciate your kind words Steve and we're glad you like the pedal! 

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