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Denmark Street 2016 THE HIGHLIGHTS

01 Dec 2016

Denmark Street Guitars- 2016 Highlights

Its been another record breaking year for Denmark Street Guitars buying and selling some of the worlds finest Guitars, Amplifiers and effects. Take a look back on 2016’s highlights

Denmark Street Break World Record for Highest Priced non-artist owned guitar

In September Denmark Street Guitars announced a new world record set for a non-artist owned vintage guitar. The all original 1958 Gibson Explorer was sold for a record breaking $1.1m dollars. The guitar had previously been in a highly respected Vintage Guitar collection for many years and was featured in many publications on Gibson Guitars. This is was the second 50’s Korina Gibson Sold by the company in 2016.

Steve Stevenson feels the Fuzz

Billy Idol Guitarist Steve Stevenson purchased one of our British Pedal Company Tone Benders and was delighted with the product remarking

''I was very skeptical about claims that no other Tone Bender sounds like an original design. I have many reproductions. Finally gave in and ordered one from the UK. Lo and behold, this pedal is stunning, and truly does not sound like modern versions. Something about what happens to the note after struck is where the beauty is. If you are looking for late 60's early sixties brit rock your pennies and get the real thing. Simplicity at it's most glorious.’'

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Do you believe in a thing called love?

At Denmark Street we have always had a soft spot for the weird, wonderful and bizarre. When the change cam up of buying a collection of Gibson Custom shop Les Paul which were created for Darkness guitarist Justin Hawkins we could hardly resist. The collection comprised of 3 Custom shop 1968 Les Pauls in SILVER SPARKLE BURST, PINK SPARKLE BURST and GOLD FOIL all featuring Flame inlays. These guitars were used by Justin Hawkins both live and in the studio featuring at events such as the MTV awards. GLAM BAM THANK YOU MAM! 

Ringo Starr Collection

Denmark Street were pleased to obtain Ringo Starr’s 1950s Premier Drum kit and a very special 1968 Fender Twin Reverb  which had been stored and used at Titenhurst Park Studios. The items cam direct from the artist himself and have found new homes in collections around the globe. This year has seen Denmark Street Guitars become very prominent in the sale of Artist owned guitars amplifiers and effects and are always looking to purchase.

The First Celebrity Korina of the Year 

2016 has been the year of the Korina for Denmark Street Guitars. Kicking it off for 2016 was a 1958 Gibson Flying V which was formerly owned by JOHN ENTWISTLE of THE WHO. This cool guitar was obtained direct from long time guitar technician for The Who, Alan Rogan who has owned the guitar for many years. The instrument can be seen in one of The Who’s videos where it can be seen adorning John Entwistle’s landing of guitars.

Burst, Burst, Bursts!

Be it a 58,59 or a 60, Denmark Street Guitars have been one of the major players in the years burst market trading a large number examples to various collectors around the globe. We are always looking to buy, sell and broker original Gibson Les Paul from the 50’s and have a specific client database who are always looking for these specific pieces.

High Dollar Amplification business grows.

Over the past year we have been happy to offer some of the most sought after amplifiers on the planet including amps from Dumble and Trainwreck. Alongside modern classics such as the Dumble Overdrive Special we have seen the price and demand for Vintage British Amps from the likes of Marshall, Park, Vox, Selmer and Hiwatt also rise.

Our highlights for this year have been a stunning 9.5/10 Marshall JTM45 and for the avid Marshall collector a rare 1960’s Marshall PA Mixer which found its way into a collection in the US. One of our American amp highlights was the FIRST EVER Brownface Fender Super Amplifier complete with its original METAL knobs, this was an amplifier documented in the Tom Wheeler book…THE SOUL OF TONE 


2017 How will the Vintage Guitar Market fare?

Despite various political decisions affection the currency rates, 2016 has been another bumper year for investing in Vintage Guitars, Amplifiers and effects. Although not reaching the heady heights of the mid 2000s vintage guitars and amplifiers are on a steady growth. Key products which are rising year on year are original 1950s Strats, Tele's, Les Paul Standards as well as classic vintage amps such as Low Powered Fender Twins, Marshall JTM45 heads and Bluesbreaker combos. We are always looking to buy, sell or trade these items and pay ABOVE market value for the right pieces so if you are looking to sell any vintage guitar amplifier or effect please get in touch:


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